• Short payback time in 2 to 24 months, depending on the application.

  • Monitoring of fuel tank behaviour.

  • Monitoring of fuel theft.

  • Precise registration from the amount of fuel and fuel volumes and itineraries.

  • Through GPRS all data is always online and available at any time (logging every 15 minutes worldwide).  Data from a truck’s CAN-bus can also be integrated and presented at the same time.

  • 10% CO2 savings and reduction on the CO2 performance ladder because the additive has a Lean and Green registration (European).

  • Greatly reduced emissions of harmful exhaust gases like NOx, PM10

  • Automatic ordering at low additive level, the additive is refilled tank by Nano Green World BV at a pre-arranged location. This can also be done during regular maintenance services of a truck.

  • Combinations of refueling from a bulk tank and gas stations are possible. Through recording the truck’s position when it is refueling out of a bulk tank, the dosing system will not add additive when the bulk tank already contains additive.

  • Chance of algae formation and sludge depositions in fuel and fuel systems is greatly reduced.

  • The whole fuel system, from fuel tank to exhaust, will remain cleaner.

  • Nano Fuel Saver does not affect the EN 590 and EN 228 standards

  • Two-year warranty on materials and components.

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Fine dispensing with autonomous intelligence

Dosing system

Autonomous intelligence combined with precise fine dosing of additives. IQ Dosing is remotely controlled, adjustable and readable.

Data information

The data from the IQ Dosing-system gives you rich insights into your fuel economy.

The benefits of smart fine dosing


Simple fine dosing of any additive at any location without complicated and time-consuming modifications to installations.

Our method

Read about the investment required and questions about ROI (return on investment) when you use our intelligent dosing-systems.