The combination of our additive and a IQ Dosing system on a truck will give an average of 9% more efficiency/less fuel consumption. This combination has an average payback period from several months up to 2 years depending on the application, the number of kilometers driven and the amount of energy produced by the engine.

The entrepreneur has at any time the ability to log in our servers and view the data stream from online subscription option II (see Figure 1 to 3). By the accuracy of the system you can locate whitin a meter, inter alia, where a mobile unit is located, which route is taken and how was the fuel behaviour.

In addition, a IQ Dosing system provides in alerts when unusual behaviours in fuel consumption or fuel theft take place.

Our IQ Dosing systems are constructed to the highest standards on safety and commitment. Type-approvals may already be added according to your wishes or changed.


Data out of the IQ Dosing-system:

  • Fuel level in the tank
  • Additive level in the additive tank
  • Open / closed signalling fuel cap
  • Driven mileage
  • How many times the tank is filled up
  • Fuel Theft
  • The exact fuel consumption
  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Location and routes travelled by the vehicle

Data from the IQ Dosing system can be combined with signals from the CAN bus system. For example: a truck to obtain a complete picture of fuel consumption, driving, engine management and the various combinations thereof.



No extra costs. The dosing system only sends a signal to us and you, as a client, when the additive tank needs to be refilled.


Subscription I

Client can login at any time to access all data online from his or her machine / vehicle / fleet. Also, client can download data for the purpose of creating custom reports.

Price € 15,- per unit per month

Subscription II

The possibilities of subscription I plus a presentation every 3 months where we discuss the results, defects and possible improvements. Subscription II offers you a complete analysis of the use and consumption of your machine and / or fleet.

Price € 27,- per unit per month

The T-002 IQ Dosing system does not generate data.

Fine dispensing with autonomous intelligence

Dosing system

Autonomous intelligence combined with precise fine dosing of additives. IQ Dosing is remotely controlled, adjustable and readable.

Data information

The data from the IQ Dosing-system gives you rich insights into your fuel economy.

The benefits of smart fine dosing


Simple fine dosing of any additive at any location without complicated and time-consuming modifications to installations.

Our method

Read about the investment required and questions about ROI (return on investment) when you use our intelligent dosing-systems.