Nano Green World BV has developed a fully automatic dosing system in cooperation with Technik 83 BV . The online provision of all track and trace data is provided by Power Trace Solutions. This allows a complete solution for all mobile and stationary combustion units and is ideally suited for the transport sector. The dosing system is called IQ Dosing.

IQ Dosing will be delivered with our standard fuel additive, based on dynamic liquid nanotechnology. This is a product of superior quality which proved itself for 25 billion km during 27 years in the transport sector. The problem, however, was that the additive should be added by hand, which takes handling and can be inaccurate. Manually adding belongs now to the past.

Because the mixing ratio can be tuned freely by remote control the system is suitable for each type of additive.

Target groups for this system are:

  • Transport companies
  • Shipping
  • Offshore companies
  • Energy (power plants)
  • Oil -heated boilers (power plant- and heating boilers)

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The T-001 system consists of the following main components:

Example of the implementation of the T-001 system on a truck

Due to the small dimensions of the dosing system it can easily built into virtually any vehicle. With a supply tank of 5 liters additive, 40,000 liters of fuel can be treated (mixing ratio is 1: 8000). The additive tank can thereby be refilled during  regular maintenance services. You save an average of 9% on fuel consumption!

The dosing system automatically detects refueling and dispenses the appropriate amount of additive automatically during refilling in order to ensure a proper mix of fuel and additive. Thanks to the system’s especially developed dosing nozzle customers are ensured the additive is added directly into the filling stream of the fuel, whereby optimum mixing takes place.

The dosing system works completely autonomously and no infringement is made on the guarantee of vehicles. The placing of this dosing system, for example, on a truck corresponds to the placement of accessories, such as, for example, a stand- heater. This also has no effect on the guarantees of a truck.

Refilling of the dosing system can be done easily during regular maintenance services. The use of Nano Fuel Additive contributes in a significant and positive way to fuel economy (+9%) and the environment; thereby relieves, informs and advises the dosing system the driver/owner of a vehicle.


Schematic an implementation from the dosing system in a truck:

The T-002 system consists of the following components:

Fine dispensing with autonomous intelligence

Dosing system

Autonomous intelligence combined with precise fine dosing of additives. IQ Dosing is remotely controlled, adjustable and readable.

Data information

The data from the IQ Dosing-system gives you rich insights into your fuel economy.

The benefits of smart fine dosing


Simple fine dosing of any additive at any location without complicated and time-consuming modifications to installations.

Our method

Read about the investment required and questions about ROI (return on investment) when you use our intelligent dosing-systems.