Work with IQ Dosing makes the different. You will improve your position compared to competitors.


Our method:

  • Following a request for quote by we make an appointment at your business location.
  • To get to know your business we conduct an initial interview in which we collect data which will serve as the basis for calculations.
  • This data consists mainly of the quantities of fuel which is consumed in your industry, the driven kilometers and/or the amount of energy/labour that is consumed or generated by your machines.
  • Analysing your current/existing data.
  • After a survey we will personally offer you a quote. Herein we explain any further questions.
  • When you agree, we will schedule an appointment with you to implement the systems in your organization.
  • We then proceed to the delivery and installation of the systems, instructing employees if desired or needed and set up a login account in our database (which is stored in our cloud).
  • The latter depends on your subscription.
Fine dispensing with autonomous intelligence

Dosing system

Autonomous intelligence combined with precise fine dosing of additives. IQ Dosing is remotely controlled, adjustable and readable.

Data information

The data from the IQ Dosing-system gives you rich insights into your fuel economy.

The benefits of smart fine dosing


Simple fine dosing of any additive at any location without complicated and time-consuming modifications to installations.

Our method

Read about the investment required and questions about ROI (return on investment) when you use our intelligent dosing-systems.